My work and my legacy is the adventure of sharing. This is what I offer in my workshop, OFICIO, that its seven edition will be in Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

If I say that I’ve been surrounded by photography my all life, I’ll be minimize it; my father is a retired professional photographer and he was my first teacher. He supported me since the very first moment I decided to start the amazing adventure of being a photographer, but he didn’t want me to live about that, he tried to divert me without success.

My experience in different types of photography companies make me able to show you various road I step on with success, including a bunch of bland ones, until finally finding my goals. But money are not the important thing, the excitement for your own profession has to be nurture everyday because we pass through a lot of bad creative moments, where money can’t help being satisfied. I’ve been leaping quality skills, clients, marketing, because those are the things that make me feel conscious that only with persisting, creating and a good idea of business in mind, we can achieve ours goals.

We will talk about technique to understand how better we can use our equipment and accomplishing my key principle “less is more” we will obtain the perfect balance in what we need in every moment of our profession. Light is everything. This is not new for you, we will talk about it in the workshop because light is our friend and not our enemy, so we need to understand it to better use it to create our images.

Thinking about our job is the essence of our work. In this way we can grow professionally like photographers because without thinking we will not understand our own mistakes and then not repeating them. We will be inspired by the art of photography and not only by wedding pictures and masterpieces.

Will we be in touch after the workshop? Of course! We will create a Facebook group where I will keep on giving you information and advises for you to work on. Everything will keep going on, you will be part of my project: OFICIO 2016.

One of you will be invited to come with me to a wedding and watch and assist in person on how I work.

Then we will have critique session for those of you who want to know why your picture is working or not.

What we will do:

– Practice to become better photographers

– Shooting need that your mind has to be equilibrated and well trained, your eyes need to responde in the fastest way to your brain

– An image has its own rules, break them!

– The situation is everything, but, are you ready to tell it?

– The equipment you carry is really important because you can’t be tired

– Light, stuff and all the elements you find there are necessary, use it! Improvise!

– Clients are our treasure, take care of them and love them since the very first moment and in any case

– Are pre and post wedding session required? We’ll talk about it through my point of view

– I will show you every pictures of one of my weddings

– We will work with the post production, but not that much, because life is outside of a monitor!

– We will learn from any kind of arts to have multiple visions. Stop watching only wedding photographs!

– Marketing, business, web-blog … this is our better clients source…